Building Department FAQs

Q.    Do I need a permit for a temporary structure?

A.   Yes

Q.   Do canvas sheds and temporary pools meet the New York State Building Code?

A.    No, and most residents find it cost prohibitive to attempt the changes necessary to make them meet the Code

Q.    What do I need to bring in when applying for a permit?

A.    Bring the official survey for your property; know the name of your contractor, their insurance should be up to date with all three forms on file in the Building Inspector's office; construction plans (sewer and water applications when applicable); and cash or check to pay fees

Q.      What is the proper size for submitted drawings?

A.      The minimum size the Town requires are size "D" drawings (24x36)

Q.    What is the requirement for fences?

A.     Fences can go on the property line, the "good side" must face out 

Q.   What type of work does not require a building permit?

A.    Replacing siding; a roof repair requiring less than a square of shingles; driveways; flagpoles under 20 feet and playground equipment

Q.   How close can I build to my property line?

A.   Any permits applied for today will require a structure to be no closer than 15 feet to your property line. However, if your lot width is less than 100 feet, the distance between your property line and any new structure cannot be less than 15% of your lot width. If building an accessory structure, and you are more than 100 feet back, you can be 5 feet from the property line.