Fire Inspector’s Office /  Fire Bureau    

Fire Inspector Patrick Martin   /   Fire Inspector Samuel Ricotta
Fire Bureau Chairman Chief James Bos

1375 Ridge Road
PO Box 330
Lewiston, NY  14092
[email protected]
 [email protected]
Phone: (716) 754-8213 ext. 259
Fax: (716) 754-2821

           The Fire Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of "The Fire Code of New York State". It handles complaints on all properties and conducts inspections of multiple dwellings, public assemblies and commercial properties. They review plans for new construction, renovation projects and subdivisions to ensure compliance with the Fire Code. They are responsible to investigate the origin and cause of all fires extinguished by the Fire Companies in the Town.
         The Town Bureau of Fire Prevention consists of Chairman James Bos, Fire Inspectors Patrick Martin and Christopher Finitz, and three representatives from each of the four Town Fire Companies.
          The Bureau of Fire Prevention works to protect its citizens and visitors to public buildings and festivals. They will answer your question on fire safety, provide educational material and work with area schools during Fire Prevention Week each October. Besides working closely with the four Fire Companies, the Bureau holds regularly scheduled meetings for updates on the status of inspections and new projects, as well as discussion of any issues the Fire Companies may have.