Water Department Business Office

Water Department Business Office
Tamara Meogrossi
Linda Kreps

Linda PO Box 109
Model City, NY 14107
Phone: (716) 754-8213, ext. 235 or 236
Fax: (716) 754-9483

2014 Water Quality Report

2015 Water Quality Report.doc

The Water Department is open 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Town has gone to a quarterly billing system, therefore water bills are mailed the first of February, May, August and November. Please mark these months on your calendars to avoid a late fee as failure to receive a bill does not waive penalty.  If you do not receive a bill the first week of these months, please contact the office, 754-8213.  Any error in bill must be reported before the due date.

Water Department responsibilities include installation, maintenance and repair of water meters and hydrants, performing water inspections for all new and existing houses and businesses as required and reading water meters. Call 716-754-8219 for maintenance questions.

To arrange for a new service or for an emergency during business hours, please call (716)754-8213, ext. 235 or 236.  For emergency calls after hours or during the weekend call (716) 754-8291.

The Town of Lewiston and the Niagara County Health Department require a Check Valve and Sewer inspection prior to the sale of a home.  Fees as follows:  Sewer Inspection - $75.00; Check Valve Inspection - $40.00; and Water Arrears Letter (optional) - $5.00.  

For the sale of a home, it is imperative that you contact us at least 4-days prior to closing to gain access to the property for a final meter reading to determine if any further monies are owed and to provide us with a forwarding address.  

Each year on September 1st all unpaid balances will be levied to your Town and County tax bill, for the ensuing year. The Town Board approved the below Local Law amending Town Code Chapter A367-48, to establish a $100 levy fee which will be assessed when any unpaid water bill needs to be included in the County tax levy.

Local Law No. 2016 - 2.pdf 

On January 23, 2017 the Town Board approved the Proposed Plan Of Dissolution Of All Existing Town Of Lewiston Water Districts.  The following documents pertain to this:

Proposed Dissolution Plan Lewistion Water Districts.pdf 

Boundaries Map - Exhibit A.pdf 

Water Assets Schedule - Exhibit B.pdf